star 2022 Karla Kush Boss Lady tests the limits of her assistant


star 2021 Karla Kush Boss Lady tests the boundaries of her assistant, The brunette beauty who is tired of living with her lover in the same house, who does not give life as she wants, decides to leave the house, when she is disturbed by the rude attitude of the unromantic man. When the employee realizes how serious it is that his girlfriend starts packing his bags, he immediately takes advantage of his quick joke and emotionally exploits the naïve chick that she gets upset with her from the hallway. The employee, whose true intention is the thought of being more attached to himself with hard blows he has never done before, begins to confuse in bed with his little lover, who has won his heart.

HD – star 2021 Karla Kush Boss Lady tests the limits of her assistant

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