Mia Malkova welcomes her new stepbrother back from the field


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HD – Mia Malkova welcomes her new stepbrother back from the field

I will share with you my strangest and craziest adventure, we are two girlfriends aged 22 and 20 living in the same house at Sakarya University. After the 2020 semester visa ended, instead of going to our families, we decided to stay in Sakarya for 1 more week to relieve the stress of intense and boring school and difficult exams. Whatever happened, it happened within a week, we started going to the fun places we only went once a month during school terms to increase alcohol consumption every day. We got home, I threw myself on the sofa bed in the living room and showed myself the 50 cc of vodka that he took out of the bag that he had left on the table at the time, Melike showed me the 50 cc of vodka that he had on the table He said the bus ticket is our last day, don’t give up immediately and take control of the TV in the house. I had no condition, he opened the music channel and went inside to the kitchen. My head was spinning and I was sweetly drunk. Melike came to hand with a tray of biscuits, get up badger. are you still sleeping the night is just beginning. 1808