Amber Addis 2022 Perfect red-haired teenager rides tail in front of gym


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Amber Addis 2021 Perfect red-haired teenager rides tail in front of gym

The blonde young girl, who has been the secretary of the same man for years, will tell her to give her a raise when she is alone with her boss. But the blonde girl, who does not dare, gets up to organize her boss’s drawers and suddenly opens them to start from the bottom drawer. When she sees something covered with black softcover in the drawer, she realizes that it is an artificial vagina when she takes it out and examines it.

If the young secretary looks at the artificial vagina and laugh, the boss comes up embarrassed and angry and asks what he wants so that he doesn’t tell anyone. The young girl says that she wants her salary to be twice as high, and her boss likes it and makes a condition. When he says he wants to fuck his fresh pussy instead of a fake vagina, he starts fucking his young secretary, and instead of increasing the raise, he finds sperm in his pussy

Amber Addis 2022 Perfect red-haired teenager rides tail in front of gym